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Industry Information
Chuan Guanghui Automobile's acquisition of Aika Automobile is a foregone conclusion
10/16/2015 Hits: 5399
New energy vehicle sales are booming in three major industries
10/16/2015 Hits: 5381
2015 user satisfaction evaluation: new energy vehicles score only 65 points
10/12/2015 Hits: 5744
On October 9, the China Quality Association and the National User Committee announced the results of the 2015 national automotive industry user satisfaction evaluation. In this evaluation, new energy vehicle user satisfaction scored only 65 points.
I got a license! Facilitated three questions: What kind of company can apply for a special car license?
10/10/2015 Hits: 5274
State Council's rescue car market "green light" on new energy and small displacement
10/8/2015 Hits: 4714
The development prospects of some LNG mixer trucks are still worrying
9/29/2015 Hits: 5566
China VI will come out, will the Chinese car brand "long period" be longer?
9/21/2015 Hits: 4962
Guanghui plans to receive hundreds of billions of "big crocodile" dealers from Baoxin.
9/18/2015 Hits: 5019
Ministry of Environmental Protection officials: National Six emission standards will be released at the end of 2016
9/14/2015 Hits: 5194
Different interpretation: Dongfeng Nissan was punished and not wronged
9/14/2015 Hits: 4996
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