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Human Strategy
Talent strategy has always been an important part of Zhiyun's development strategy. "Know people and make good use of them and make the best use of them" is Zhiyun's purpose of employing people. "Absorbing talents and developing talents" is Zhiyun's consistent policy and the core of its strategy. In the growth of Zhiyun, first-class talents have laid a solid foundation for Zhiyun to create a pioneer in the machinery manufacturing industry. Zhiyun, employees have a sense of identification with corporate value, a sense of belonging to the cause, a sense of achievement and hard work.

The company provides employees with industry-competitive salary, establishes a scientific and reasonable incentive-oriented salary distribution model and dynamic salary adjustment mechanism, respects job value differences, and sets up different salary systems for job categories.

Provide diversified benefits to employees. In addition to paying various social insurance and housing provident funds such as endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, etc., they also conduct health checks for employees and handle accidents for employees who travel frequently. Injury insurance.

In addition to enjoying various statutory holidays and annual vacations stipulated by the state, employees can also take a half day off on special days such as the company's anniversary celebration and the Lantern Festival.

In addition, the company provides free working lunches, well-equipped staff apartments, and luxury buses covering most of Dalian's urban areas to pick up and drop off employees. On the days of employees' marriage, childbirth, birthday, and hospitalization, they can also get a carefully prepared company Condolences or condolences.
Human Strategy
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Campus Recruiting
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