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development path

1. On November 29, 1992, Dalian Zhiyun Machine Tool Auxiliary Equipment Development Company was registered and registered in Dalian Instrument Group Guest House.

2. In October 1993, the Dalian Guangming Research Institute was rented, and the office was initially set up in a small room of 20 square meters with glass test tubes. The conditions were very difficult, and the workshop was about 30 square meters. The design relies mainly on cooperation with the portfolio.

3. In 1995, the company received the first new contract for the assembly of auxiliary equipment, the leak tester of Dalian Diesel Engine Factory. From the production of a single machine to the start of an assembly line.

4. In 1994, with our own designers, we realized the first equipment we designed.

5. In 1997, the water division camp was purchased with an area of 12,000 square meters.

6. In 1999, the company changed its name to Dalian Zhiyun Machine Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd. Customers include Cummins, Mitsubishi, Honda, Foton, etc. Began to enter the automotive industry.

7. In 2000, the 21st floor of Ning'an Building, Huanghe Road, Xigang District was purchased as a comprehensive office space integrating design, research and development, and marketing. In November of the same year, Dalian Zhiyun Special Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was registered with a registered capital of 1 million yuan.

8. In February 2001, Chairman Tan Yongliang and Vice President of Research and Development Di Yan held a national leak testing seminar, inviting the president of Japan cosmo and dozens of domestic automotive engine companies to participate in the conference, mainly to promote leak testing technology. And development testing. This is a conference of great significance. Zhiyun began to enter the mid-to-high-end market. Many engine manufacturers, including large customers such as Dongfeng Honda, started to understand Zhiyun through this meeting.

9. In September of the same year, participated in the German HANNOVER Machine Tool Exhibition (EMO).

10. In 2002, for the first time, it undertook Dongfeng Honda engine project and introduced and sold CES cleaning machine.

11. In 2004, the company purchased 24,500 square meters of land in Yingchengzi Industrial Park, Ganjingzi District, and began to become an automated solution provider integrating assembly, production, research and development, and design.

12. In May 2005, the first time signed a contract with GEFIT in Italy. In August of the same year, Dalian Jieyun Automation Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of USD 200,000.

13. On May 28 of the same year, Dalian Zhiyun Craft Equipment Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. Undertake SAIC-GM-Wuling project for the first time; Undertake Dongfeng Nissan project for the first time. The first large-scale organization designer (10 people) went out to study and study the Cummins Shenlong site.

14. In August 2006, Dalian Abulut Technology Development Co., Ltd. was registered and registered with a registered capital of 500,000 yuan. Undertake Dongfeng Shenlong Automobile Project.

15. In 2007, the 66,000 square meters of land in Puwan New District was purchased, and it will become a manufacturing industry park and manufacturing base dominated by Gore and Jieyun.

16. On May 6, 2008, Dalian Zhiyun Machine Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd. was renamed Dalian Zhiyun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

17. On July 28, 2010, it was listed on the Shenzhen GEM and became the first company listed on the GEM in Dalian.

18. In December 2011, Dalian Gore Cleaner Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

19. In the same year, Zhiyun North America Office was established.

20. In May 2012, the plant in Puwan New Area was commissioned and received orders for exporting equipment to the United States.

21. In July 2012, the flexible high-pressure washer equipment won the third prize for outstanding new products in Liaoning Province.

22. In August 2012, Zhiyun Company was awarded the title of “AAA Class Integrity Unit for Compliance with Labor Security Laws and Regulations in 2011”.

23. In the same year, the introduction of a dedicated human resources consulting project made the company move towards a more standardized modern enterprise.

24. On November 29, 2012, the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Dalian Zhiyun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Three major conferences and celebrations were held on November 3, November 17, and November 30 to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

25. On May 24, 2013, the ecological science and technology innovation city was relocated. The design and development staff of Zhiyun's design headquarters, R & D center, marketing department, and Jieyun's office are located in the ecological science and technology innovation city.

26. On April 17, 2014, the company held the 2013 annual shareholders' meeting to complete the election of the third session of the board of directors and the third session of the supervisory committee of the company. Tan Yongliang was elected chairman and Shi Shuang was elected chairman of the supervisory board .

27. On May 14, 2014, during the first exercise registration date of the first exercise period of the company's equity incentive plan, 99,336,600 stock options of 58 incentive objects who first applied for exercise were exercised. The shares were listed and traded on May 16, 2014, and the company's total share capital increased from 120 million shares to 12,099.6336 million shares.

28. On May 10, 2014, the Jilin University Alumni Association of Dalian was established, and Zhiyun Company served as the executive director unit.

29. On July 16, 2014, the company completed the capital increase, and the registered capital was changed from 100 million yuan to 100 million yuan.

30. On July 17, 2014, the ERP financial module implementation and launch meeting was held at the Yingchengzi factory, which marked the phased seamless integration of the supply chain and laid the foundation for a complete financial accounting process in the future.

31. In September 2014, Zhiyun shares joined the "Dalian Advanced Manufacturing and Intelligent Control Industry Technology Innovation Alliance".

32. On October 28, 2014, the CPC Committee of Dalian Zhiyun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.

33. In 2014, the “Automotive DCT Gearbox Automatic Assembly Line” project won the first demonstration technology application project of 2013 in Dalian's manufacturing key areas.

34. In 2014, the utility model patents “Automatic changer for seat-feeding”, “Flexible full-automatic robot catheter and seat assembly equipment”, and “Automatic changer for seat-indenter” were authorized. So far, the company has 61 patents.

35. On December 22, 2014, the company and the relevant parties signed the Letter of Intent for Equity Transfer and the Letter of Intent for Capital Increase of Shenzhen Jiyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. After the completion of the equity transfer and capital increase, the company will hold Jiyang 51.00% equity of science and technology, to achieve the company's control of Jiyang technology.

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